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In response to: Dragon's Breath -January 2022

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I prefer the cover with the little girl looking out the window. The other one is TOO generic sci-fi would probably be passed over on the shelf. The one with the child looking out the window would grab my attention more and has a more “polished” look to it.

01/10/22 @ 09:43 pm

In response to: Dragon's Breath -January 2022

Comment from: Genay Visitor


Oh gosh! So hard to choose. I like the second photo more with the layout (fonts, text over photo, etc) of the first.

01/07/22 @ 03:00 pm

In response to: Dragonsgiving 2021

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Here’s to continued growth and fulfillment going forward. Btw, you guys are what I’m giving thanks for this year as well.

11/24/21 @ 10:29 am

In response to: Author Under the Microscope -WJ Long III

Comment from: Elizabeth Soderberg Visitor

Elizabeth Soderberg

WOW! This is a great article. Note to potential readers; I taught this guy English I and English II and he was one of the most insightful, creative kids I ever taught.

11/12/21 @ 02:22 pm

In response to: The Ghost Company: A Wolves of War Story -On Sale Now!

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Hello! As mentioned, this a short novelette to bridge the gap between books 3 and 4. Although it’s not required reading for the series, I hope it enhances the reading experience, helps build the world, and gives more depth to some characters who aren’t so prominently featured. Please, enjoy!

11/02/21 @ 04:21 pm

In response to: Frozen Flames by JL Esquire -Now Free

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Reading Frozen Flames was an energetic and kinetic experience. If you haven’t taken the time to give it a read, perhaps you should carve a few minutes for this one.

07/14/21 @ 11:17 am

In response to: New Website Up and Running

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This is a wonderful website. Enjoying the ease of finding what I need . look ing at all the old and new books, maybe finding some new game or two.

07/12/21 @ 08:04 pm